The Chat in Card Wars Kingdom is a great place to talk to other players about the game and anything else. CWK chat is global so you'll see many different languages represented. There is also a block option so that you can remove players from your chat if you'd like to exclude them.

Chat can get a little hard to read because the default text color is white. Fortunately, there is a way to inject color into chat! Hexcode can be used to alter the way your text appears. Besides color, you can make your text bold, italic, underlined, small, etc.

Use the brackets [ ] to bookend your hexcode and then the text you type will be in that color.


[df1616]Hi there!

will render your "Hi there!" in red.

You can look up all kinds of hexcode online since it is used in/for HTML.

Choose a color code here

Player Name Edit

While you can't change your name retroactively, you can give your name a color if you add hexcode to your name when you first choose it. If you choose to do this, you will be limited to a game name that is 8 characters or less because the hexcode will take up the rest of the character spaces.



will render your name (Player) in red both in chat as well as during battles/duels.

Change your player name colour from the chat Edit

This is an imperfect harmless exploit of how the game handles the default colours or your name, the semicolon and your message.

[b][s][i] [/i][/s][/b][b][df1616]---> [/b]Your message

Now the goal is to figure out a way to remove the arrow while keeping the same effect.

Shoutout to Cyanidegrrl for the original code:

[b][s][i] [/i][/s][/b][i][df1616]

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