Treasure Cave Chests Edit

There are three types of chests that you can get in the Treasure Cave.

  1. Silver Chest = Cool Creature
  2. Purple Chest with Gold Trim = Rare Creature
  3. Black Skull Chest with Gold Trim = Algebraic Creature

Chests from Arena Battles Edit

  1. A Silver Chest in arena battles is usually single slice of cake but sometimes a cool creature.
  2. A Gold Chest in arena battles is usually a single layer cake but sometimes a rare creature.
  3. A Skull Chest in arena battles is always a double layer cake. There have been no reports of an algebraic creature ever dropping during arena battles. The skull chests usually drop in the upper level battles.

Chests from Ingredient Dungeons Edit

  1. Silver Chest = 5 heart ingredient (or single slice cake)
  2. Gold Chest = 10 or 15 heart ingredients (or single layer cake)
  3. Skull Chest = 25 heart ingredient (or double layer cake)

Note: Getting cake in ingredient dungeons is rare, but it does happen.

Chests from Augment Card Dungeons Edit

Augment Card dungeons drop cards in silver chests.

Any other chests (usually gold) will have cake. Sometimes a silver chest will have cake, too.

Chests From Cake Dungeons Edit

Chests in cake dungeons have cake. The type of cake will depend of the level of dungeon that you play.

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