Here is a complete collection of all the creatures in Card Wars Kingdom as of 2018-12-01. The set can be viewed as a full list or by smaller sub-set categories.

Full List of Creatures Edit

All (in numerical order)

Blue Plains Edit

Blue Plains - Cool

Blue Plains - Rare

Blue Plains - Algebraic

Cornfields Edit

Cornfields - Cool

Cornfields - Rare

Cornfields - Algebraic

Nicelands Edit

Nicelands - Cool

Nicelands - Rare

Nicelands - Algebraic

Sandylands Edit

Sandylands - Cool

Sandylands - Rare

Sandylands - Algebraic

Useless Swamp Edit

Useless Swamp - Cool

Useless Swamp - Rare

Useless Swamp - Algebraic

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