Cardwars Kingdom is unsupported by the developers as of 08-2019. The last update was January 2017. This means that there are some glitches in the game that are problematic. These glitches can be taken advantage of by players, and this information should be available to all players. However, it should be the player's choice as to whether they want to make use of the information or not. CWK is an amazing game and it can be enjoyed whether or not you exploit the game glitches or not.

Date Farming Edit

Fancy Meal Time

Epic Dungeons

Limited Time Heroes

Daily Bonus


Date Farming Consequences Edit



Shard Glitch Edit

It is possible to make multiple shards from a creature in the laboratory. Cool creatures convert into 1 shard. Rare creatures convert in 2 shards. And algebraic creatures convert into 3 shards. However, you can grab the creature out of the conversion square at the last minute and return it to your inventory thus allowing you to create multiple shards.

The timing is a little difficult at first and you should practice with cool creatures for a while to develop your technique. The timing is more tricky with rare creatures since you have to wait until both shards are produced before pulling the creature out of the conversion square. Algebraic creatures are even more tricky.

NOTE: If you make a mistake, you can force quit your CWK app immediately while in the laboratory sharding screen. When you reboot your app, your creature will be back in your inventory and your shards will be gone.

Also be aware that once you leave the sharding screen in the laboratory, and creatures that you have converted to shards will disappear, even if you have taken them our of the sharding square and returned them to your inventory. The only way to get your creature back is to quit out of the game while still on the shard screen.

Maxime has a video that shows the process.

Midnight Timer Glitch Edit

The clock in CWK is not very good. If you watch it during the times when you collect your adventure loot you will notice that it moves forward and back each time you collect. This is also observable at midnight when you check your daily missions.

If you quit the game and reboot at midnight multiple times, it is possible to collect several 25 Day Chests in a row. Players report collecting up to seven chests in a row, but two or three are generally all you will get. Be careful about doing this for the 25th chest as the game has sometimes skipped this chest.

PvP Glitches Edit

  • Questionable PvP bug which the other player turn can do all things normally, but you cannot do anything besides tapping on quick taunts.

Augment Card Glitches Edit

Playing any augment card during a multiplayer PvP match can result in the game freezing/stalling. This is especially true with the berserk card.

Creature Glitches Edit

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