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Helpers can be a great addition to any team, especially if they are high level helpers. Helpers are introduced at Rank 5 and are creatures that belong to other players and Friends. A helper's level will be an average of the levels of all the creatures on a team when you choose the helper. If your team only has one creature on it, the helper will match that creature's level. The helper's level will not change even after you add other creatures to your team even if their levels are lower. This is a good reason to try and get one of your creature's levels as high as possible instead of leveling all your creatures at the same rate.

Note about stars: A helper's star rating restricts its ability to match another creatures level. If I have a 5 star creature and the helper I choose is only 4 stars, it will only be able to join your team as a level 40 creature. I would need to choose a 5 star helper to match my level 50 creature(s).

Maximizing Friendly Helper Level Edit

By Arimel

If you are always using a team with all level 50 creatures, then you probably do not need to know this trick, or are already aware of it. If you are not aware of it, no matter what your rank, I hope you find it useful.

Before the trick… Using friendly helpers grants you wishbones. Wishbones grant creatures. Creatures lead to new creatures or fodder to power up existing ones, or fodder for sharding. This being the case, I try to use helpers in the battle arena as often as possible. Therefore, I typically keep my teams at four creatures, except for my ranked PvP teams, because the game will usually remind you to select one if you have an open slot. Thus my examples will show four-creature teams, which becomes five when helper is added.

When the game calculates your friendly helper level, it takes the average team level for the team you are currently showing and uses that number as the level for the helper you will barrow (it adds the level of each creature on the team together then divides the result by the number of creatures on the team). Above, you can see a team consisting of one level 50 creature and three level 20 creatures. This levels out to an average of 27.5, which, as you can see in the two pictures below, the game rounds up to 28 for the friendly helper level.

The Trick.... Edit

What the game does not take into account is switching between teams after a helper is chosen. Therefore, if you make two different teams, you can essentially trick the game.

Step 1: Clear out all slots for team 1 and team 2, as shown below. (These specific teams are not required; any two will work, but I am using these because it is easiest for instruction.)
Step 2: While still looking at team 2, select “Edit Team” and arrange the team you’d like to use for the battle, as shown below.
After arranging your team, exit the edit team screen by pressing the “x” button once.
You should now see the “VS” screen again with your team now showing. Return to team 1, which

should not have any creatures yet.

Step 3: Now that you are back at team 1, select “Edit Team.”
Select your highest available creature as the only team member, as shown below. It MAY be a creature

you already placed on team 2.

Then press the “x” button to exit the edit team screen. You should now be looking at the “VS” screen

with only one creature vs. the other team, as shown below.

Step 4: Now select “Add Helper.”
Now you should have the option of selecting a friendly helper at the same level as your highest level

creature (or the same level as the only creature on team 1). You may have to scroll, depending on your setting and what friends you have.

You should now be back to the “VS” screen again, with a helper now at the lower left. It’s level should match whatever your team creature’s level is. After verifying this, return to team 2.
Step 5: You should now be looking at your Team 2 with the helper you saw with Team 1. You will notice that the fifth creature slot for your team has a red “X” in it; this is normal, whether you have a fifth creature there or not. At this point, you are ready, so go ahead and hit “PLAY!”
NOTE: If you are new to Card Wars Kingdom and are learning about maximizing the helper for the first time, and the above works fine for you, you may want to stop reading here. Otherwise, I have a suggestion to speed up the process.
The above instructions on maximizing the helper were designed to be easily followed by newer players. There are a few unnecessary additions above that were added so that each step showed a variety of screens to better show the parts of each step. As you play the game, you will come to realize that there are a few shortcuts.

You may have noticed that the edit team screen has the team number near the top. You may use the arrow buttons on either side to switch between teams without leaving the inventory/edit team screen via the “x” button. Below these features have been pointed out.

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