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FMT UPDATE (2018-11-08): The FMT dungeon is showing up again, but several players have asked Customer Service for FMT ingredients and have been given some for free. If you need FMT ingredients, please contact Customer Service directly in the app and make a specific request. Good Luck!

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An date farming exploit has been published that shows how to exploit CWK to access past dungeons. It's not fair that some players have this knowledge while others don't. It's up to each individual player as to whether they take advantage of this technique.

  1. Load CWK and enter the Dungeon.
  2. Turn off wifi/cellular.
  3. Change your date (October 27, 2017, gives you the Jane dungeon).
  4. Enter the game again, enter the specific dungeon, and choose the hearts level battle you want to play (but don't pay the hearts yet).
  5. Now turn on wifi/cellular and change the date back to today.
  6. Pay the hearts and play the fight.

You can access past FMT dungeons. You can access Husker Dragon and Alec-Sander on 10-19-2016.

Warning: changing the dates on your device can adversely affect your adventures and hearts.

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