Ultra Dog will allow you to win many battles against a Computer on your first round, which will in turn get you many cool creatures, rare creatures and cakes of all sizes. Note: Battles cannot drop Algebraic Creatures but they can drop some Rare ones.

  1. Find a battle that gives you what you want for the team you are building (have a blue plains team and want blue cakes and rare creatures?). Try a battle about 15 times to have a general idea of what they drop. While testing battles, Do not use a helper and Retry when you get good Drops or Start Cards. Going back to the battles or trying with a Helper will reset the Drops and Start Cards, but trying without helper allows you to Retry...
  2. Get yourself a Cool Dog from the daily chest or wishbones chests. They are common.
  3. Get yourself 5 shards of Cool Dog from doing Adventures
  4. Awaken your Cool dog into an Ultra Dog in the Laboratory
  5. In a battle that you consider is consistently giving you good loot, take note of what creature the computer always deploy first.
  6. Find a creature (with a drag-attack cost maximum of 3) that you own that has a critical attack that would one-shot the opponent's first creature. if your creature can get there and
  7. Put that creature in your team!
  8. Start a battle with that team. You have to be the first player to deploy. If you are not, finish the battle (by winning or whatever), go back to Battles. Do not hit Retry or else it will most probably give you the same starting cards and draws and other stuff
  9. Deploy any creature that can withstand the computer's first creature's first attack
  10. Wait for the Computer to deploy it's first creature
  11. on your first turn (not the deployment phase), deploy the cool dog, the creature that can critical-one-shot the Computer's first creature and also deploy any other 4th creature.
  12. End your turn
  13. Watch as the computer does now deploy any creature and instead drag-attack or use a card.
  14. Attack with your One-Shotter Creature. It will do the fatal critical attack every time.